Ubuntu, hotkeys not working in non-latin layout in Idea, PyCharm

Download files from(dist-folder)


Add line to idea64.vmoptions* or *idea.vmoptions

-javaagent:[path to directory with jar files]/LinuxJavaFixes-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar


Run two projects on one tomcat in intellij idea

I have two web application in one project configured using pom. i want to run both the application simultaneously using same instance of Tomcat

Solution is:

Go to Run -> Edit configuration
* add a new configuration for your project (give it a jazzy name)
* Select your Application server( in your case tomcat {version} )
* on the server tab -> before launch section -> add build command for both your artifacts
* go to deployment tab -> add both your application war for deployment
* make sure you provide distinct application context (option on the right)
* Select you new configuration for your project
* click on that green play button .